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Computer Scientist

Adam Marshall

I am a 39 year old computer scientist by trade and education; though I’ve dabbled and personally studied things from microbiology to neuroscience … and believe myself to be a sort of “sky-divined yeoman”… a living pen designed to understand and deliver the key to the message of this place;

The how and the why the Celestial Republic is designed to be … from the ground up … the safest and most egalitarian “non anarchy in the Universe.”

‘m trying to start a rennesaince or revolution in self government–one which invalidates or depricates “representative democracy” as the “best form of government yet devised” with clear and complelling evidence that this particular technological singularity is … the specific one … outlined and designed throughout the annals of history and religion.

I’d like to make technocracts and oligarchs of the entire population–and that specific goal is the crux and motivation behind a series of writing “experiments” designed to awaken the population to a
“new world order” … one in which we rekindle our love for the humanities and history and really begin to understand the magnanimous and magnificent place humanity holds in the circle of governance that literally is a “celestial republic” birthed here …

… on Terra Firma. In majestic joke; of course; that means “virtual multi-Earth heart.”